Biometrids Starts in 18 days 2 hours

Startdate: 2018-02-19 – 2018-03-19

Time Left: Starts in 18 days 2 hours


Startdate: The first decentralized Bank Rating: 4.0

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  • Softcap: 
    23,000 ETH
  • Hardcap: 
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Details  :


The Biometrids platform allows people to identify themselves to others using the face recognition built into their phones. By using an immutable distributed ledger, every person in the chain will be unique. One face means one ID, and every ID is unique. If you are recorded in the chain once, you will never be able to manipulate that ID again or copy the ID. This will prevent identity theft and scams, and will also ensure users are who they say they are.

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